Pumpkin - LAP-3-20-1

Female Cat aged 3 years 10 months.

Pumpkin is a good-natured medium-haired dark tabby spayed female born in August of 2016, who is accustomed to an indoor-outdoor life. This mackerel tabby gal has white facial markings to enhance her brown beauty. She is presented here as a Lending a Helping Paw kitty, meaning she is at present with her owner, who must rehome her for non-cat reasons. Arrangements for any fee or donation will be made with the owner. From her owner: "She isn't much of a lap cat but there are times at night she will sleep with me and use my arm as a pillow. She is a good mother too as a few months ago I was sick and didn't get out of bed much. She stayed with me all the time and only left me when she had to. A few times I would wake up and she was giving me a bath and even had some of her dry food on the bed next to me so I would eat. She likes to have a sponge bath and is a good mouser. She has some toys to take with her and anything that can be hung and she can hit would be good. If she has to be inside all the time then the more windows she can see out of the better. She likes to climb and if she has a place where she can climb and be on her own she would like that." Pumpkin has her rabies shot. To learn more about Pumpkin, fill out our preadoption application and contact ACAT at 982-2228.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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