Stowie - 19-11-040

Female Cat aged 1 year 0 months.

Stowie is a small, short-haired gray/brown tabby spayed female, likely born about February 2019 and rescued in the fall in the Mat-Su Valley. Stowie is small but packs a lot of spunk! She gets along well with a large dog and three very active ferrets. Racing through the living room is a favorite game of hers. She loves her toys and is constantly playing with them. She loves petting from humans as long as it’s on her own terms, for now. But that is improving every day! Right now she really likes to be near humans and watch them to see what they do. Since being trapped as a displaced stray, she went from a very shy, motionless cat to a bold blur of energy within two weeks. A bit more patience and she it will be hard to get her to leave you alone, I think! She is not overly vocal but she has the cutest meow when she calls out. She has good litterbox manners, is spayed, started on her shots.

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