Pepe - 21-01-061

Male Cat aged 2 years 0 months.

Pepe is a glossy black domestic long hair born 3-1-2019. Pepe is a big kitty who clumsily isn’t aware of his size but always comes to grab the attention of anyone nearby. With his big paws, Pepe loves to knead on soft blankets and play with any string material any hour of the day. Though he doesn’t stay in laps for long, Pepe loves to curl up next to people on the couch or nearby on the bed for a while. He loves to look outside and is determined to find a good perch when he can. He is interested in every sound of the house and will investigate any new scene thrown his way. Pepe also loves to follow people around and often crosses in someone’s path in the halls, brushing up against legs and softly pawing for attention. When petting his face, he may even direct your hands to the right side of his face, as it’s seemingly his favorite, along with chin rubs. He can be picked up but isn't fond of it, and he hates water. He is in the process of being updated on vaccinations and is altered. To meet Pepe, please contact Emmy (preferably through text) at 907-854-1185 in Chugiak. Please fill out and submit ACAT’s preadoption application PRIOR to contacting the foster home. For general information, contact ACAT at 907-982-2228.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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