Stella - 20-11-061

Female Cat aged 7 years 6 months.

Stella is a spayed female tabby with short-medium grey/tan fur with black stripes, a white chin and muzzle, and green eyes, she was born in 2013. Stella is wary but comes around to be petted once she knows someone. She is not a lap cat. She is very vocal and follows Benjamin Button around with small and frequent mews on whatever they are doing. She has been with Ben since she was a kitten and is seldom far from him. Stella would probably not do well without him, and all efforts will be made to home them as a bonded pair. They were briefly rehomed together successfully until a lease change displaced them again. Stella is catching up on her vaccinations after a lapse. She is altered. To learn more about Stella and Ben, who are fostering in Anchorage, call Gwen at 346-1327 (landline) after filling out ACAT's preadoption application.

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