Elsa - 20-09-081

Female Cat aged Young Adult.

Elsa is a petite (about four pounds), timid, spayed female young adult cat, likely born the summer or fall of 2019. She has a short-haired tabby and white coat. Both of her ears appear to have been frostbitten. She also has "thumbs" on her front feet because she is polydactyl. Elsa is looking for a quiet home with a loving family. She gets along well with the other cats in her home, but has not been tested with dogs. This sweet young adult needs plenty of love, attention, and patience. Elsa responds well to her favorite treats, running ahead of her foster parents to her usual feeding space to get her treats (dehydrated chicken and fish). Elsa has recently discovered the fun of playing with toys and can be found with the other cats playing with feather toys and swinging or pulled mice on strings. She is becoming more and more interactive and enjoyable each week. Elsa is spayed, microchipped, leukemia-tested negative, dewormed and is current on her shots. To learn more about Elsa, contact Carol in Wasilla at 355-3587 after filling out the preadoption application on the website.

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