Akutan - 20-06-032

Male Cat aged Baby.

Akutan is a unaltered male, medium long haired kitty, estimated to be born about 4/20/20. He was the only male in this rescued litter and his sisters are Adak, Anvik, Ambler and Kivalina. Akutan had his paws full with keeping his four sisters in check and he did a great job. Akutan is very friendly and quickly purrs when petted, but most of the time is off playing. This little teenager is full of energy and full of himself. He loves playing with balls, his furry friends or speeds from room to room chasing an imaginary something. Charlie, one of the adult male cat in the foster home is his idol and Akutan often to just follows him around. Akutan is also okay with the adult, friendly dogs in the foster home and loves to play with their fuzzy tails. If his busy schedule permits, at night, Akutan will happily nap next to you in bed. Akutan has been dewormed and has received his first kitten shots. For questions about this young man please call his foster mom, Silvia at 907.717.9300 and serious adopters should fill out a pre-adoption form.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
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