Snickerdoodle - 20-05-05

Female Cat aged Senior.

Snickerdoodle was rescued by a senior citizen about a year ago after being found in an abandoned house. She is declawed, and likely about 8 to 10 years old. This medium-haired, spayed female gray/brown tabby was displaced when her human died late last year. She is not comfortable in her late owner's son's home, and is hoping for a quieter environment. She is presented here as a Lending A Helping Paw kitty, meaning her present family will make adoption arrangements. Snickerdoodle gets along with kids, but has no real affinity for people in general. She was quite attached to her previous owner, and will likely do well with the right human. She seems relatively tolerant of dogs. She is up to date on her shots and altered. Like many an older female cat, Snickerdoodle has some idiosyncrasies that should be discussed with her family prior to adoption. To learn more, fill out the ACAT preadoption application online and contact ACAT at 982-2228.

Alaska Cat Adoption Team
PO Box 212555, (907) 982-2228