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Purr Partners would love to be able to have a blanket return policy, but because of the numbers of our cats that have been adopted and the fact that we are a volunteer organization that keeps the cats in our homes, we have had to put some limits on returns.

When you adopt this cat or kitten, you are agreeing to a lifetime commitment. These are some things you can expect during the life of the cat, and you are agreeing that you can and will manage these things:

  1. Moving – to take your cat(s) with you when and if you move, and to secure pet friendly housing.
  2. Birth of Children – to research information about how to integrate your cat with a newborn and what you can do to help with this transition in the life of the cat.
  3. Illness of the Cat – to be willing to treat your cat per your veterinarian's recommendations should it become ill; this includes but is not limited to surgery, purchase of prescription food, and medication.
  4. Behavioral Issues – Most cats will have some litter box issues, or other behavioral issues, in their lifetime. You are agreeing to work to resolve these issues using recommendations from your vet, research into established practices for dealing with these issues, and making accommodations as necessary for your cat. This is not a reason for the return of the cat.
  5. Divorce, marriage, family changes – These changes happen for most people, and you should establish a plan as soon as you know one of these changes is pending. Many people keep their animals through these changes, and with planning, it is entirely possible.
  6. Additional Pets – Should you adopt a puppy, dog, or new cat that does not get along with your adopted cat, we suggest rehoming the newest member of the family. It is not fair for a cat that has lived with you for several years to lose its home because it is frightened of a new puppy or dog. Any additional pet requires preplanning to make things go smoothly.
  7. A new job/school that requires more of your time – Cats are the perfect pet for someone that is absent for long hours. If you feel your cat is lonely due to your absence, we suggest getting a second cat for a companion and working with a petsitter to visit your cat daily.

Should an emergency arise, we will take the cat back as soon as possible. Emergencies include:

  1. Impending homelessness.
  2. Illness that precludes the care of the cat and where there is no family member present in the home to provide care.
  3. Admittance to a long-term care facility or rehabilitation unit for an extended period of time.
  4. Death of the adopter where there is no family member available to take the cat.

Please be aware of the following restrictions for a return.

  1. Adult cats during kitten season, which is from April 1 through November 30.
  2. Any cat that is 15 years or older. We suggest euthanasia at your vet for this cat. Do not take it to the shelter as it will be killed there after suffering much stress and fear.
  3. Cats with treatable illnesses. When you adopt, you are agreeing that you will provide this treatment and have made provisions for this care financially.
  4. Cats that you have declawed and that are now having litter box or behavioral issues.

When you decide you must return, send an email to purrpartners@yahoo.com. You will be sent return paperwork to complete in order to start the process of the return. CATS are NEVER to be abandoned, turned into a county shelter, or given away without proper checks. If you want to rehome your cat, contact us with any potential adopter, and we will help with the vetting and moving the microchip information. NO CAT is to be posted on Craigslist or any selling site.

Please provide the following information about you and your newly adopted cat:

By your signature on the contract, you are attesting that you have read this policy and understand and accept it.

Sign your full name (or type it in lieu of your signature) and date it:

Digitally signed by Purr Partners, PO Box 905, Youngsville, NC 27596 // purrpartners@yahoo.com, as of the adopter's signing date of this document.