Shady Lady19

Nebelung X, Female, aged 6 years 8 months born 07/19/2013

Shady Lady is a big old sweetheart and is absolutely stunning with her gorgeous green eyes tht are set off by her plush, blue coat. She loves affection but it should be on her terms purrleaz. Her favorite hobbies are chasing a ribbon toy, lounging, and sunbathing on the screened-in porch. Shady Lady is social and will seek out her humans so she can spend time with them. She sleeps on the foot of her foster mom’s bed. When she’s extra happy, expect head bumps and cheek-to-cheek rubs from this sophisticated lady. As she is a true queen, Shady Lady would do best as an only pet.  Here is a bit more info on the Nebelung breed and the description fits Shady Lady to a tee! Nebelungs are an American developed breed of cat originating in Colorado. Nebelung means “creature of the mist”. They are lively, playful, good-natured, and intelligent. Their shimmering grey coat which can take 2 full years to develop is full and medium-long with a long sweeping tail. Eyes are usually a beautiful glowing green but some will have yellow eyes. Nebelungs prefer to bond with one or two individuals to whom they stay loving and loyal their entire lives. They may choose one individual in the family with whom they spend most of their time, following them from room to room. This cautious kitty prefers their own family and is shy and reserved with strangers. Adjusting to changes in the household requires time. A Nebelung will do best in a quiet home with adults or older children. If you want a loyal, lifelong companion with few health issues, consider a Nebelung. See more on Animal Planet

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